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Agave: Potatorum
Wild Agave – 13 years
45% Alc Vol – Double Distillation
Region: Central valleys of Oaxaca
Cooking: Conical-shaped Earth Oven
Fermentation: Pine-wood tubs during 8 to 10 days
Distillation: Copper alembic
GAD Plantations: 10,000 Agaves

Vegetal and aromatic, with notes of leather, smoke and peat. Deep and long lasting, nuanced; smoke on the rise. Balanced palate, complex with a discreet integration of fruits, spices and notes of lime wedge. Perfect density. Vegetal / herbal fading, with nice tones of agave. Pepper and thyme on the palate, balanced with sweet notes of agave, slightly tropical with mint notes. Good lingering ending.

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